Well, it certainly was the smallest bar on this tour, but it was awesome. Despite the place being so small, it was such an intimate, crazy energy show and we absolutely loved it. Smaller places are much more intimate, so we can feed off the energy of the fans and we can make them headbang, mosh, crowd surf and tear the place apart like lunatics. I really love such an outrageous, wild, up close and personal atmosphere. After all, we’re an underground, old-school death metal band. We really feel at home at Elpee where your feet stick to the floor,where everyone’s going fucking nuts. Yeah, that’s where I love to play at. And let’s face it! The heavy metal genre as a whole began in bars like this one. Festivals came much later. Every single metal band started off at their local clubs, working their asses off and learning their craft. It’s important to remember as a metal band that your roots are in the underground, no matter how successful you have or will become. Once you start believing that you’re too good to play in the underground, than I think it’s time to consider not playing this kind of music anymore because it always should be about the reason why you play. It’s important to keep that mindset. Remember your roots! And I also want to say, thank you to everyone who supports our band and for showing up here in Elpee!


We had a blast at Elpee last saturday... Great bar, great people, good organisation And a good solid sound! Thanx for having us, Kat

70's TUSH

Elpee, Belgium, you were crazy!


So earlier today OSTROGOTH played an intimate try out show, showcasing the new line up and the new setlist for the upcoming summer shows, at the smallest but coolest club in the area, Café Elpee, in Deinze, Belgium. The band played on the smalest stage they ever stood on in their 36-year career, 9,7 square meter, but what a party it was. An extra long setlist and some of the most loyal fans, who welcomed new guitarist Tom Tas with open arms. Thank you all for the party!


We had a great time too. Finaly we did Elpee.... scratch on the bucketlist.. Thanx Kat for the great atmosphere and good care.


All the important things are taken care of at Cafe Elpee.... a warm welcome, cool vibe, great beer, good food & fantastic people. Recommended"


Elpee is a great place to be, plenty of good cold beers, sound quality that you expect in big venues, and the people are always friendly and willing to help !


I have been to Elpee on more than one occasion and my experiences are 100% positive. Yes, it is a small, but really nice place. People from the club always take great care of the bands.....food and drinks are there, and if you are experienced in touring, you know that a shower is worth it`s weight in gold.........well, they have it. If the bands are traveling without a sound guy, the club is providing a proffesional to do the job. Let`s not forget the audience, which is an integral part of any good gig. People are friendly and sometimes things in front of the stage are getting crazy So, basically, to put it in few words, if you get past the small size of the club, you have everything else that is needed for a great concert.